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OUT NOW: Asia-Pacific special edition

30 August 2017 | Automotive Manufacturing Solutions

APAC 2017Given the political upheavals of the past year or so, these are uncertain times for global industry and trade. This includes the vast Asia-Pacific region which is home to some of the biggest players in the automotive industry, such as top producer Toyota (routinely number one or two worldwide in terms of volumes) and South Korea’s Hyundai-Kia group, plus upcoming brands like Geely of China which are starting to gain an international presence.

The Asia-Pacific is currently suffering tensions between its constituent nations as well as coming under pressure from international powers such as the US, with Japan, China and Korea all publicly threatened by Donald Trump as he seeks to boost American industry. Japanese and Korean vehicle-makers, being particularly dependent on exports, may well have to rethink their global production strategies if trade relations are indeed renegotiated, with implications for their existing plants and workforces. Meanwhile, Chinese OEMs are starting to move into South-East Asian countries so far dominated by Japanese brands; setting up new factories, expanding current operations; and buying stakes in native companies.

Our Asia-Pacific 2017 special edition, including overviews, plant tours and interviews with top executives, provides in-depth analysis of the latest developments in the automotive industry as relations within the region are reframed. The articles are as follows:

Getting the green light – an overview of automotive production in the country, including recent OEM investments
Benefits of experience – an interview with Bill Russo, Ford’s vice-president for manufacturing in the Asia-Pacific
Speed of thought AMS reports from the GAC FCA plant at Guangzhou
Growing Geely – we look at the expanding production network of a growing international player
Building a Greater Wall – an analysis of one of China’s most successful vehicle-makers
First and foremostAMS visits Changchun to see FAW Audi production
Capital gains – we go to see BBAC, the Mercedes-Benz factory in Beijing

Japan and Korea

Troubled times – an in-depth look at changing conditions for the automotive manufacturing industry
Making a Mirai-cleAMS pays a visit to Motomachi to watch Toyota building its fuel-cell vehicle by hand
The human touch – we go to Tochigi to see Nissan’s takumi (craftsmen) at work on the GTR and Infiniti models
Bigger not always betterAMS explores the largest automotive manufacturing site in the world, Hyundai Ulsan
SUV-iving – we visit the only plant of South Korea’s smallest carmaker, SsangYong Pyeongtaek
Going Rogue – an overview of Renault Samsung Busan

South-East Asia
Colonised by ChinaAMS investigates how Chinese OEMs are moving into the countries of South-East Asia
Seeking a niche – we look at SAIC’s expansions in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia
Rebooting Mitsubishi – an overview of Mitsubishi’s changing manufacturing footprint in South-East Asia
Going with the flowAMS looks at Honda’s new, cell-based production system at Prachinburi

From the industry
Expert contributions from VAMA, Schwartz, SSAB, ABB, ASSAB, Siemens, Renishaw, Profil and Conductix-Wampfler.

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