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  • Optical 3D metrology in the automotive body shop

    December 18th 2018

    The most efficient way to identify, analyse and fix production processes as well as quality problems is using a 3D model as a digital twin of the real part in production. This is only possible when covering the complete part surface. So, in order to meet these requirements for full-field data, the automotive industry relies …

  • ArcelorMittal S-in motion® Chassis solutions

    November 8th 2018

      The webinar will explore some examples of best-in-class steel grades for chassis applications and cover ArcelorMittal’s S-in motion® Chassis study which identifies potential savings in mass of up to 20%. As part of the study, specific assessments have been conducted on formability, weldability, and fatigue. The study also considered ArcelorMittal’s AHSS grades including ferro-bainitic, …

  • How can 3rd generation steel be a problem solver?

    November 2nd 2018

      SSAB recently launched its metal-coated Docol 600DH and Docol 800DH steel for trials. These are 3rd generation steels that provide improved formability and good weldability. This webinar discusses the 3rd generation steel product development at SSAB and ask what solutions these materials can deliver in high volume production processes.           …

  • How 3D data is driving new levels of automotive productivity and efficiency

    October 23rd 2018

      In this webinar, we’ll discuss how world’s leading OEMs are leveraging FARO 3D data capture technology to boost productivity and efficiency across the whole supply chain and automotive manufacturing lifecycle. The presentation will set out the key benefits of using this 3D data, from prototyping and industrial styling to launch and continuous inspection. Thursday …

  • The AMS Podcast

    October 7th 2018

    Listen to the latest AMS Podcast, as the team discuss Ivaco’s steel foundry in Sweden, Volkswagen, Volvo and more.

  • Lower weight and higher strength in tubular vehicle structures

    August 29th 2018

    This webinar provides an overview for automotive manufacturers looking to make effective use of high strength tubular structures in modern vehicle design. The presentation examines the possibilities offered by these materials as a high strength and low weight alternative in various structural applications.                         …

  • How to make safe electric vehicles in a smart and cost effective way

    June 18th 2018

      In a future with more electric vehicles, the advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) will have an important role to play. In this webinar Jonas Adolfsson, car body design expert at SSAB, talks about how advanced high strength steels can help make electric vehicles safer and lighter at an affordable cost. The presentation also examines further …

  • Increasing process quality and repeatability with Laser Radar CMM

    June 4th 2018

    High-end manufacturing requires reliable quality information fed back into the production process. The availability of this information during prototyping, ramp-up and the main build process is key to reducing time-to-production and increasing process quality and repeatability. The Nikon Metrology Laser Radar CMM solution encapsulates these requirements to provide fast, CMM quality measurements, on the shop …

  • Metrology Solutions to Streamline Quality Control, Inspection and Assembly Processes

    April 25th 2018

    This webinar will discuss a broad portfolio of metrology solutions that can address an array of automotive manufacturing challenges. The presentation describes some of the FARO metrology solutions that have been already chosen by leading automotive companies to streamline functions such as quality control, inspection and assembly processes.               …

  • How to make front seats 20% lighter with advanced high strength steels

    April 17th 2018

      In this webinar you will discover how advanced high strength steels (AHSS) can be used to achieve significant weight reduction for vehicle front seats. Our newly ArcelorMittal S-in motion study shows that the weight of front seats can be cut by almost 20 percent while maintaining safety and performance at an affordable cost. This …