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  • 亚洲其他经济体

    一月 4th 2019

    Already a dynamic and rapidly growing manufacturing hub, South-East Asia’s automotive industry is finding further opportunity in the growth of battery and hybrid vehicle production

  • 聚焦纤维

    十一月 27th 2018

    Lightweight, high-strength benefits are being offset by materials and process costs. James Bakewell looks at the challenges of making carbon fibre cost effective

  • 物尽其用……

    九月 13th 2018

    Karen McCandless reports on vehicle-maker recycling projects ranging from plastic bottles to electric vehicle batteries

  • 斯堪的纳维亚人的措施

    八月 24th 2018

    A new plant has been born in an extremely turbulent political environment – Volvo’s first in the US. Michael Nash reports

  • SPA平台的发展

    五月 14th 2018

    Rising global demand for Volvo vehicles and the arrival of models using the SPA platform is having a considerable impact on the company’s Torslanda plant. Michael Nash investigates

  • 新款出租车万岁

    四月 27th 2017

    Combining ingenuity, a bold export plan and a government grant, Geely has launched an all-new LTC electric taxi manufactured at a purpose-built factory

  • 备受瞩目

    四月 13th 2017

    With current demand for lightweighting so voracious, there are many applications in which OEMs are looking to spot weld mixed-material assemblies

  • 沃尔沃:新工厂的新平台

    九月 30th 2016

    强大的资金注入到新平台的建设中,让公司获得重生 2015年,沃尔沃售出503,000辆汽车,创了记录,比201 …