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  • From prototypes to production

    September 12th 2018

    The use of additive manufacturing technologies has now expanded beyond their initial ‘rapid prototyping’ exclusivity. Mike Farish provides an insight

  • Stratasys starts shipping 3D printer

    August 21st 2018

    Israel – The new printer is described as affordable and accurate, which could prove critical to its use in the automotive sector

  • It’s time to get personal

    March 14th 2017

    The advent of 3D printing has set the industry’s imagination racing with regard to how far this innovative technology could actually push technological boundaries, particularly concerning personalisation. We all love choosing the colour scheme, upholstery, wheels and trims for our new cars, so how great would it be if your local dealership could offer customised spoilers, consoles or dashboards? You won’t need to imagine for much longer, it seems…