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South Africa

  • Travel blog: Big game in SA

    November 23rd 2018

    South Africa represents a massive opportunity for vehicle manufacturers, providing they are able to cater to customer needs while also achieving the right balance between quality and price.

  • A positive response

    November 19th 2018

    Daimler is embarking on a major corporate restructuring in the hope of improving its ability to face upcoming challenges in the automotive sector. Ian Henry reports

  • Southern powerhouse

    November 13th 2017

    The automotive industry has played a central role in the economic and industrial strategies of successive South African governments in the post-apartheid era, and since 1995 various development plans have provided a structured environment for carmakers to invest. The industry’s relatively recent emergence on the world stage has been driven by the expansion of BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen (VW), whose South African factories make vehicles for Europe and other major markets, while Ford and Toyota have also allocated global roles to their plants in the country. Moreover, China’s BAIC is now moving in, constructing a 100,000-unit factory which represents the biggest single automotive investment in the country…

  • Heading in all directions

    August 12th 2016

    While Mercedes has invested in and modernised its domestic plants, it is outside Germany where the most significant expansion of production has taken place…