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  • Assembly line automation

    March 13th 2019

    Nextsense says its Calipri systems can be used to monitor the process of car assembly from body-in-white to end-of-line final assembly…

  • Large work area dispensing robot

    July 30th 2018

    RP-Series robots designed are for adhesive and other fluid-dispensing applications, as well as assembly using UV curing for mounting, tooling and fixturing, says Dispense Works…

  • Robots on the rise

    May 14th 2018

    Advances in robotics go hand in hand with new approaches to automotive manufacturing

  • Predictive maintenance for robots

    February 26th 2018

    Mitsubishi Electric says it has developed a cloud-based predictive maintenance solution for robots that utilises the AI platform within IBM Watson. The platform uses predictive maintenance models, digital simulation and extrapolation of trends to provide maintenance information…

  • A collaborative future

    August 4th 2017

    The use of collaborative robots in automotive assembly operations is gaining pace. AMS reports on the applications, technology and why this is a growing trend