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  • Casting a duo

    January 8th 2019

    Two innovative metal forming techniques could have a significant impact on the press shop of the future

  • Pressing matters

    January 8th 2019

    ABB robots are helping IndiKar make advanced high-tech steel for special protection vehicles

  • Smartly pressed

    January 3rd 2019

    OEMs and suppliers are teaming up to design and construct a state-of-art press shops, duly networked for an industry 4.0 approach

  • Skoda presses ahead

    May 23rd 2017

    Mladá – or “Young” – Boleslav seems an ironic name for a city where even the automotive production counts as antique. But over the past few years, Skoda’s oldest plant, which converted from motorcycle to car production around the turn of the 20th century, has pioneered state-of-the-art press shop technology within the Volkswagen Group. In March, this northern Czech factory began full production on the second of two servo-mechanical PXL press lines which ramp up capacity while reducing energy consumption and, most interestingly, will enable the future production of aluminium bodies…

  • Ford Cologne updates large-panel press

    May 16th 2017

    Germany – The OEM contracted Schuler to install a tri-axis transfer with overhauling carriages plus a blank loader with a line scanner. The work was completed after seven weeks and in the first six months of production the modernised press turned out 1.2m parts…

  • Skoda’s new press at Mladá Boleslav

    May 8th 2017

    Czech Republic – The servo-mechanical line, installed in a new, 11,600 sq.m hall at a total cost of 86.4m ($94.8m), began full production in March after successfully completing a trial period in February. PXL II can make up to 23,000 parts per day for multiple models, and Skoda says this is the first time it has had the capability to make large aluminium components, though the press is currently handling steel…

  • Travel blog: Pressing business in Skodaville

    May 5th 2017

    I got lost in Mladá Boleslav. There are worse places to wander than this northern Czech city; the crumbling old buildings are characterful, the Bohemian castle is picturesque and the mountain air is, well, a breath of fresh air to a visitor from London still trailing noxious fumes. But I was in town to see Skoda’s shiny new press line and in a rush to get to the factory…

  • Daimler now using Schuler laser tech

    March 22nd 2017

    Germany – The OEM has commissioned two laser blanking lines at its Kuppenheim plant, in place of conventional lines with dies. The equipment will initially be used for the serial production of compact cars but can be quickly reprogrammed for other models in future…