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  • Coming soon in our May-June issue…

    March 8th 2019

    In our May-June issue we take an overview of the Ford’s most recent activities, and visit operations at the Saarlouis plant; we look at the latest OEM activities in Mexico, including the new trade agreement with the US; Plus, digital manufacturing , innovations in steel and a dedicated section on the today’s paintshop technologies. There’s also show previews on Laser World of Photonics and AMTS Shanghai…

  • New chapter, different story?

    January 2nd 2019

    International expansion continues but, as Ian Henry reports, Audi’s long-term role within the VW Group is now under scrutiny

  • Expanding and restructuring

    September 12th 2018

    As the move to electrified and autonomous vehicles accelerates, Toyota is expanding in both technology areas and restructuring its operations. Ian Henry reports

  • AMS Infographic: NAFTA numbers

    August 27th 2018

    The most recent production numbers highlight the continuing inter-relationship between the partner nations, the boom in pick-up and SUV (light truck) production and the march of Mexico.

  • NAFTA: the saga so far…

    August 23rd 2018

    Seven rounds of talks have taken place since NAFTA renegotiation began last year but the trio of nations are no closer to agreeing a deal. Nick Gibbs reports

  • BMW opens Mexican training centre

    November 8th 2017

    Mexico – Located at the OEM’s San Lui Potosí plant which is due to open in 2019, the new training centre covers 6,000 sq.m and has 11 workshops for employees plus apprentices from three educational institutions. The centre was built at a cost of $9m…

  • The Trump factor

    January 12th 2017

    Donald Trump has arguably had more impact on manufacturing strategy than any US president in a very long time; and that is even before he has taken office. During his election campaign he lambasted US vehicle-makers, especially Ford, for building cars in Mexico, threatening to rip up the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and to impose “a big border tax” on Mexican-made vehicles being sold in the US. At the time, he was dismissed as not understanding the industry and the car companies continued expanding in Mexico. Although there was parallel investment in the US, this did not detract from the Trump narrative that American jobs were being lost to Mexico…

  • Audi Mexico opens supplier park

    October 4th 2016

    Mexico – Following the inauguration of its new San José Chiapa production plant, Audi has established a new, 26 hectare JIS (Just-in-Sequence) park next to the facility. So far Faurecia ET, HBPO, Thyssen Krupp Automotive, Truck and Wheel, TI Automotive, Kuehne+Nagel and Syncreon have set up operations there. They will supply components just in sequence to the Q5 assembly line…