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  • Mercedes starts building battery plant

    April 9th 2019

    Germany – The new battery production facility will be built next to the company’s existing plant in Untertürkheim

  • Asia’s other powerhouse

    January 4th 2019

    Already a dynamic and rapidly growing manufacturing hub, South-East Asia’s automotive industry is finding further opportunity in the growth of battery and hybrid vehicle production

  • Mercedes starts B-Class production

    November 26th 2018

    Germany – The company’s Rastatt plant is now making the new compact car alongside the A-Class and GLA SUV

  • Mercedes builds battery facility

    October 9th 2018

    US – The factory will support production of electric SUVs in Tuscaloosa

  • A slow return to growth

    July 5th 2018

    Vehicle-makers in South America are seeing signs of recovery, boosted by growing exports

  • Southern powerhouse

    November 13th 2017

    The automotive industry has played a central role in the economic and industrial strategies of successive South African governments in the post-apartheid era, and since 1995 various development plans have provided a structured environment for carmakers to invest. The industry’s relatively recent emergence on the world stage has been driven by the expansion of BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen (VW), whose South African factories make vehicles for Europe and other major markets, while Ford and Toyota have also allocated global roles to their plants in the country. Moreover, China’s BAIC is now moving in, constructing a 100,000-unit factory which represents the biggest single automotive investment in the country…

  • EVs: The end of the beginning?

    June 7th 2017

    For some years, mainstream vehicle companies have largely toyed with producing electric vehicles (EVs); Ford, with its now-ended Focus Electric, and Volkswagen, with its Golf Electric, tested the market using existing vehicles fitted with first-generation electric powertrains. Nissan and Renault co-developed a purpose-built urban runaround (the Leaf and the Zoe), but sales of both models have been well below expectations, especially in Europe, and certainly not in the volumes required to generate a return on the investment in both product development and new production lines. However, during 2016 and especially since the start of 2017, things have begun to change…

  • Lands of opportunity

    December 9th 2016

    The strong growth in production seen in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia means eastern Europe is still a big attraction for OEMs

  • At the head of the convoy

    October 28th 2016

    Mercedes-Benz’s largest truck plant is piloting new production technologies and transitioning into the lead manufacturing facility for heavy commercial vehicles

  • First EQ vehicle to be built at Bremen

    October 27th 2016

    Germany – Mercedes-Benz says the first production model of the new EQ product brand will be produced in Bremen by the end of this decade. The production model will be based on the EQ show car – an electric vehicle in the look of a sporty SUV Coupé, which was presented at the Mondial de l’Automobile this year…