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  • New foam for instrument panels

    February 1st 2019

    A new series of systems in its Elastoflex E product group now allows weight reductions and foam densities of around 120g/L without sacrificing the material characteristics, claims BASF…

  • A focus on fibres

    November 27th 2018

    Lightweight, high-strength benefits are being offset by materials and process costs. James Bakewell looks at the challenges of making carbon fibre cost effective

  • High-strength tool steel

    September 28th 2018

    Deutsche Edelstahlwerke (DEW) says it has developed the hot work tool steel Thermodur 2383 Supercool for press hardening applications such as those used in the automotive industry…

  • Light curing adhesive for hard to bond plastics

    July 1st 2018

    Panacol says it has developed a new light curing adhesive (Vitralit UV 4802) for the purpose of bonding high temperature resistant thermoplastics, such as Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) with other non-compatible materials…

  • EV trend boosts aluminium demand

    March 9th 2018

    Constellium has opened a new facility in Mexico to serve the automotive industry, and predicts strong growth on the horizon. Michael Nash reports

  • New stainless steel

    March 7th 2018

    The new ferritic stainless steel UGIMA 4509 offers the automotive industry more efficient machinability and better corrosion and oxidation resistance, claims Ugitech. The company says this new stainless steel is suited to different methods of working…

  • Premium surface finish

    February 26th 2018

    Tata Steel says it has expanded its Serica premium surface finish portfolio for automotive exposed panels. With Serica 29 (0.29µm after forming), Serica 32 (0.32µm after forming) and Serica 35 (0.35µm after forming)…

  • Parts of the process

    November 21st 2017

    Tenneco CTO Ben Patel talks to Gareth Price about the company’s approach to perfecting process, sharing best practice and mastering materials

  • Fibre space

    November 15th 2017

    The recycling of carbon fibres presents a real challenge for the industry but with interest being shown by the makers of electric vehicles and sportscars, opportunities are emerging

  • Kobe investigates quality violations

    October 11th 2017

    Metal producer Kobe Steel has admitted delivering aluminium and copper products in the past year which did not meet specifications agreed with customers, leaving Japanese car manufacturers concerned about the impact on their own output. Kobe is conducting internal quality and government-ordered safety checks, but has already stated that affected products account for about 4% of its shipments of aluminium and copper parts, plus aluminium castings and forgings…