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  • Identifying errors in manufacturing systems

    February 2nd 2019

    Fraunhofer IPA says its Smart System Optimisation tool will identify errors in interlinked manufacturing systems and show their root causes…

  • PSA – setting a new pace with Opel

    August 20th 2018

    PSA has lost no time in starting the turnaround of Opel-Vauxhall…

  • Reducing costs in welding aluminium

    February 28th 2018

    In an industry where everyone is looking for a more efficient vehicle, OEMs have started shifting their focus to aluminium as their material of choice, writes Lincoln Electric’s Mikael D. Carriere

  • Mini Electric to be built in China

    February 23rd 2018

    Munich – Production of the Mini Electric could soon start in China as BMW and Great Wall Motor reveal details regarding a new collaboration

  • Bosch and Munich Re collaborate

    February 23rd 2018

    Berlin – The two companies are looking to make connected manufacturing investment more enticing

  • Degrees of separation

    January 9th 2018

    Sogefi’s plant in Tredegar, Wales, produces complex fuel and air filtration systems and boasts an impressive array of manufacturing technologies

  • Under contract

    March 7th 2017

    Valmet Automotive is experiencing rapid growth with a new Daimler contract to build its GLC SUV, partnership with a leading Chinese battery supplier and engineering acquisitions in Europe

  • Principled reasoning

    January 6th 2017

    Investing €500m to expand its operation at Leipzig means that, for the first time, Porsche can take three models on a single route through identical stations

  • Injecting a dash of insulation

    January 3rd 2017

    Automotive interiors specialist International Automotive Components (IAC) has further expanded its operations in Europe

  • Ploys against noise

    January 3rd 2017

    With the advantages offered in terms of process and performance, and now the endorsement of BMW, the message from the proponents of LASD is louder than ever.