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  • Is Korea set to become a low-cost country?

    February 11th 2019

    Hyundai is to open its first new car factory in Korea for over 20 years; but workers in this plant will be less than half the wages paid to those in the OEM’s other factories…

  • Unease in the East

    November 21st 2018

    Falling sales, electrification and mega mergers: Nick Gibbs provides an overview of the current automotive industry trends in China

  • Hyundai/Kia test wearables

    October 25th 2018

    South Korea – The companies believe that wearable technologies could help improve the working conditions of its employees at production facilities

  • Southern hospitality

    August 24th 2018

    Gareth Price visits Hyundai’s major manufacturing facility in Montgomery, Alabama, as it welcomes the return of an SUV to its production lines

  • Pacific standard

    August 24th 2018

    Responding to the boom in SUV and crossover markets, the OEMs of Japan and Korea continue to invest in manufacturing operations across their long-established North American networks. Ian Henry reports

  • Kia hits production milestone in Europe

    April 3rd 2018

    Slovakia – Three million units have been made by the company since it started making cars in Europe back in 2006

  • Troubled times

    September 5th 2017

    Threats from the US to tear up free-trade agreements and impose tariffs on imported vehicles is causing fear in the export-dependent manufacturing strongholds of Japan and Korea. The two countries already face difficulties within their established (and costly) manufacturing bases, but the threat from the belligerent, protectionist President Donald Trump to put up barriers to one of their biggest markets adds a new element of concern as they try to fill capacity in factories which have already been weakened by their policy of expanding production overseas…

  • Getting the green light

    September 4th 2017

    The origins of Chinese vehicle manufacturing are rooted in technology transfers from European, US and Japanese OEMs through joint ventures in which overseas companies could not hold majority stakes. Such rules look likely to be relaxed; according to a recent government report on the future of electric vehicles (EVs), the aim is “to open up the restrictions on joint-venture ownership in an orderly manner”. This is because the government wants to create a new, globally competitive automotive industry focused on EVs, plug-in hybrids and fuel-cell vehicles…

  • Lands of opportunity

    December 9th 2016

    The strong growth in production seen in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia means eastern Europe is still a big attraction for OEMs

  • Korea: A question of cost

    November 18th 2016

    The country’s automotive industry is once again fighting its recurring battle with the unions as it struggles to balance workers’ wage demands with the need to cap costs in an expensive country to build cars