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  • Sticking together

    November 27th 2018

    The use of a wide variety of materials throws-up significant production challenges and chief among those is joining. How can this plethora of materials be fixed together without affecting their structural integrity or their individual characteristics? James Bakewell finds out

  • Interview: Daniël Bottema, AWL-Techniek

    November 19th 2018

    Daniël Bottema, research and development manager at AWL-Techniek BV, talked to Dermot Healy about the role AWL hope to play developing the fully automated factory of the future

  • Self-piercing earth stud

    July 11th 2018

    The new KSB earthing stud from Profil is self-piercing, removing the need for additional processes involved in either welding studs into place or having to drill holes and then bolt them on, claims the company…

  • Spotting an opportunity

    March 13th 2018

    Steed Webzell talks to major players in joining, automation and materials technologies to get their take on the future of spot welding

  • Sika expands adhesives capacity at Grandview

    June 1st 2016

    US – The company has commissioned mixing equipment and associated bulk packaging capabilities at its plant in Missouri, enabling the local production of SikaPower products which are used in vehicle assembly. The move is in line with Sika’s ‘Global Reach with Local Presence’ strategy…