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  • Dashboard meeting

    January 11th 2019

    Switching from gantry line to a fleet of AGVs, an IAC facility near Liverpool has brought swift and smart adaptability to its instrument panel assembly process.

  • Unease in the East

    November 21st 2018

    Falling sales, electrification and mega mergers: Nick Gibbs provides an overview of the current automotive industry trends in China

  • Getting beneath the skin

    November 12th 2018

    Specialists in automotive interiors have long been at the sharp end of sustainability issue. Gareth Price looks at the controls and techniques that are helping IAC Group improve process control and lower energy consumption

  • Piecing it all together

    November 6th 2018

    Ian Henry identifies six themes from the moves, mergers and makeovers underway in the global automotive tier supply sector

  • Centre of operations

    August 17th 2018

    Investment in new plants and expansion of existing facilities shows central Europe to be at the heart of vehicle manufacturers’ regional strategies

  • A slow return to growth

    July 5th 2018

    Vehicle-makers in South America are seeing signs of recovery, boosted by growing exports

  • JLR opts for EU over UK

    June 13th 2018

    Uncertainties surrounding Brexit are causing more OEMs to move car production from the UK to Europe. Michael Nash investigates

  • Packing in the power

    May 10th 2018

    As JLR ramps up its electrification efforts, Mike Farish visits a pilot production line for battery packs, developed together with WMG at the University of Warwick

  • Aluminium allegiance

    March 5th 2018

    Industry analysts are predicting a growth phase for aluminium content in the vehicle material mix. James Bakewell reports on the new grades and applications that underpin this claim

  • Editor’s note: High anxiety

    November 16th 2017

    We live in anxious times, if the headlines are to be believed. In the UK, Brexit has seemed to be less of a concern to the consuming public than it does to a nervous business community. But worries regarding what the future holds for the millions of diesel and petrol vehicles on the roads are now beginning to trouble their once-proud owners. The potential impact that the proposed ban on the sale of these vehicles might have on resale values, taxation and so on is now starting to weigh on the minds of motorists and potential new-car buyers, and certainly won’t help the recent slide in sales…