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  • Stamp of approval

    August 24th 2018

    Nissan’s Smyrna facility in Tennessee is home to the largest stamping plant in the Japanese OEM’s global network. Gareth Price reports

  • Pacific standard

    August 24th 2018

    Responding to the boom in SUV and crossover markets, the OEMs of Japan and Korea continue to invest in manufacturing operations across their long-established North American networks. Ian Henry reports

  • Infiniti to make five new cars in China

    April 26th 2018

    China – The company thinks that increased vehicle electrification is the way forward for the Chinese market

  • Nissan Tochigi’s human touch

    August 14th 2017

    Most countries value luxury products, but few cherish the beauty of production quite like Japan, with its reverence for craftsmanship acquired over a lifetime of learning. This appreciation can be found in the automotive industry too, despite modern technology enabling many processes to be automated. Nissan, for instance, is willing to devote not merely years but decades to developing select personnel into what it calls takumi (master craftsmen). AMS went to see them in action at Tochigi Plant, Japan…