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Industry 4.0

  • The imitation game

    March 4th 2019

    Working with a local robotics start-up in Germany, Volkswagen is exploring a new programming technique that allows assembly workers to teach a cobot all the right moves

  • At the leading edge

    March 4th 2019

    Steed Webzell looks at at edge computing and the hardware requirements for those looking to digitally monitor, measure or control their machining operations

  • Identifying errors in manufacturing systems

    February 2nd 2019

    Fraunhofer IPA says its Smart System Optimisation tool will identify errors in interlinked manufacturing systems and show their root causes…

  • Smartly pressed

    January 3rd 2019

    OEMs and suppliers are teaming up to design and construct a state-of-art press shops, duly networked for an industry 4.0 approach

  • First ‘Full Flex’ factory build underway

    June 8th 2018

    Hungary – Construction has begun on Mercedes-Benz’s first “Full-Flex Plant“ in Kecskemét, to be operated on the company’s new Factory 56 principles.

  • Futuristic assembly at ‘Factory 56’

    March 7th 2018

    Mercedes-Benz is building a new vehicle assembly facility that will act as a blueprint for the future development of all its production sites. Michael Nash reports

  • Stefan Assmann appointed as Head of Bosch Connected Industry

    February 21st 2018

    Germany – Bosch has tasked Stefan Assmann with heading up a new business unit

  • Seat launches 4.0 training programme

    June 14th 2017

    Spain – The OEM says that personnel will interact with some of the tools and technology that will become common in production processes in the near future and are already being introduced, including virtual reality, collaborative robots, 3D printing and augmented reality. Of 2,000 employees registered for training, 1,200 have so far participated…

  • A technological new order

    August 23rd 2016

    The implementation of new digital systems is seeing Industry 4.0 move from concept to reality Workers in one area of the Bosch Rexroth plant in Homburg, south-west Germany, effectively ‘clock in’ at the start of their shifts by means of a small Bluetooth tag attached to their belt. However, this is far more than just …

  • Travel blog: From booth buzzword to business benefit

    May 6th 2016

    Most in the business community instantly recognise Industry 4.0 as a term. However, many still require either an explanation of what it means or how their organisation can specifically benefit from it…