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  • Production resource for e-drive modules

    February 1st 2019

    Henkel’s says it offers a range of solutions for the manufacturing of e-drives…

  • Driving the future of e-mobility

    November 23rd 2018

    Henkel is responding to changes in the automotive industry with a range of technologies for the emerging trend towards e-drive modules

  • Thermal management for EV batteries

    July 25th 2018

    Henkel claims its thermal interface materials (TIMs) provide effective management of heat generated during charging and operation of the battery system…

  • Cleaning and machining

    November 15th 2017

    The Bonderite duaLCys process has been used in a precision tool, machining project at German customer Mapal, claims Henkel. The company says the process can be tailored to the customer’s needs across their value chain…

  • Chemical composition

    October 31st 2017

    The initial treatment that a bare metal car body receives is fundamental to achieving the key performance parameters of all subsequent coating and painting operations, most obviously corrosion protection and paint adhesion. For many decades, that first process was straightforward zinc phosphating, but the growing trend towards using greater amounts of aluminium in vehicle construction, for the purpose of lightweighting, has made that process less attractive in terms of cost and environmental efficiency. However, a two-step process has been developed to solve the problem and has now become widespread among OEMs…

  • Fast curing composite matrix resin

    March 3rd 2017

    To meet the requirements for automated, short production cycles of composite components, Henkel says it has developed Loctite Max 2 composite matrix resin for RTM processes. The company claims this two-part polyurethane-based product is fast curing, and because of its low viscosity, rapidly fills the mould and quickly, resulting in short injection times…

  • Impregnation resins and systems for automotive applications

    July 28th 2016

    Loctite Impregnation Solutions (LIS) offers resins and systems suitable for sealing automotive castings and electrical components, says Henkel. The company claims the design of its LIS centres enables customers to achieve greater levels of sustainability by minimising resin usage, energy costs…