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Fibre laser

  • A clean winner

    January 8th 2019

    Coherent-ROFIN’s Frank Gäbler explains a new approach to laser welding problematic materials

  • Clean and tidy

    November 16th 2018

    Coherent-ROFIN’s Frank Gäbler describes how the CleanWeld process can garner greater results in fibre laser welding

  • Fibre laser for part marking

    July 16th 2018

    Foba claims its new 100-Watt fibre laser (Y.1000) allows for marking substrates that are usually difficult to mark with lower powered lasers…

  • New fibre laser models

    March 8th 2018

    With the addition of the FF500i-A and FF1000i-A models, Fanuc says it now offers a range of laser cutting solutions covering 500W through to 6000W. The company notes that specific Laser functions and interfaces allow for the integration of robot systems…

  • Fibre laser system

    July 14th 2015

    Prima Power has introduced its new Laserdyne 430 Versa 3D fibre laser system featuring its third generation BeamDirector. It is equipped with an air-cooled 3,000W peak power fibre laser and the proprietary BeamDirector…