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  • Out now: Electric Vehicles 2018

    May 11th 2018

    Our latest special supplement sets out the full picture the production processes making the EV future a reality; with reports and insight from the OEMs in transition to deliver the new era of vehicles and powertrains …

  • Show us what you’re made of

    May 11th 2018

    Dürr explains how, a variety of different materials are being used to construct the latest models hitting the market, and paint lines need to adapt accordingly

  • Assembly lines in an electric world

    May 11th 2018

    JBT explains how, with the widespread establishment of new production lines for electric vehicles, OEMs can redefine what automotive manufacturing looks like – AGVs present a particularly smart opportunity

  • Arc-welding aluminium: challenges and solutions

    May 11th 2018

    Lincoln Electric’s Tim Hurley and Michael Klee look at how the number of aluminium structures in BEVs can create new challenges to those unaccustomed to welding the metal

  • Steel can make a difference

    May 11th 2018

    SSAB explains how innovative advanced high-strength steel grades are being developed to help the automotive industry create vehicle structures for the electric age

  • Switched on to new EV processes

    May 11th 2018

    The boost in electric vehicles poses challenges for traditional manufacturing. ABB’s Michael Larsson explains how robotic automation can help solve them

  • Steel going strong

    May 11th 2018

    ArcelorMittal provides an insight into how the trend of electrification will impact steel demand in vehicle design

  • Win the race to marketplace

    May 11th 2018

    Rockwell Automation’s John Miles and Paolo Butti explain how smart manufacturing strategies can help to produce EVs quickly, affordably and with minimal risk

  • The role of the rotor shaft

    May 11th 2018

    EMAG explains how, as studies predict rapid growth in electromobility, it’s clear that mechanical engineering has a central part to play

  • Closer to commercialisation

    May 10th 2018

    Fuel-cell electric vehicles have lagged behind other EVs, but upcoming models could help that to change