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  • IIoT comes to paintshops

    November 29th 2018

    New software from Dürr can help paintshops utilise the latest Industrial Internet of Things technology to collect, evaluate and visualise robot and process data

  • Paint technology and investments

    November 29th 2018

    We report on the new technology, techniques and investments in the world of paintshop being implemented by vehicle-makers around the world…

  • Digital maintenance assistant

    October 26th 2017

    Dürr says its newly developed EcoScreen Maintenance Assistant software will determine the maintenance status of a painting or sealing robot based on actual use, using variables such as the number of valve switching cycles or from the servo motor load profiles…

  • Digital documentation

    August 7th 2017

    Dürr claims its EcoDocu smart documentation system simplifies commissioning, operation, and maintenance in a paint shop. The company says that until recently the technical documentation for a paint shop took up around 150 ring binders, but now EcoDocu stores this information digitally on a data carrier so that it is readily available on a PC…

  • New generation production control system

    May 8th 2017

    The new Industry 4.0-focused iTAC.IoT.Suite is a combination of the production-related Manufacturing Execution System (MES) EcoEMOS and the software solutions from iTAC Software AG, which was acquired by Dürr at the end of 2015…

  • Light tunnel for paint surface quality

    March 21st 2017

    The EcoReflect light tunnel offers an ergonomic environment design and permits continuous detection of irregularities in paint with maximum accuracy, claims Dürr. The company says this system generates vertical contrast lines, enabling the operators to follow the progression of the car bodies when checking them…

  • New generation of robots

    January 4th 2017

    Dürr’s new seven-axis EcoRP E043i robot features a kinematic system, which the company claims enlarges the work zone and can be used instead of a linear displacement rail system. Dürr says this improves access and avoids collisions with the vehicle, particularly in interior painting…

  • Piggable paint supply system

    November 11th 2016

    The EcoSupply P is designed to meet the challenge of increasing colour options in body painting and also small-batch colours, says Dürr. The modular paint supply system, which employs pig technology, is suitable for both water- and solvent-borne paints…