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Collaborative robots

  • Robots on the rise

    May 14th 2018

    Advances in robotics go hand in hand with new approaches to automotive manufacturing

  • Co-bots to help produce electric Golf

    March 12th 2018

    Germany – A start-up is helping Volkswagen to train its collaborative robots so that they can be used in new ways during vehicle production

  • A collaborative future

    August 4th 2017

    The use of collaborative robots in automotive assembly operations is gaining pace. AMS reports on the applications, technology and why this is a growing trend

  • Smarter and safer

    July 3rd 2017

    Automotive manufacturing is entering what Christian Dunckern, head of BMW Group Production System, Planning, Toolmaking and Plant Engineering, calls “the time of smart devices and digitalisation”, during which modern robots, smart devices and exoskeletons will support employees “as a direct part of people’s work environment”. According to Dunckern, this developing manufacturing landscape provides “a growing range of options on how to advance the production system”. However, it also creates safety challenges as the boundaries between man and machine quite literally disappear…