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  • Honda closure deals blow to UK

    February 19th 2019

    Michael Nash lists some of the factors that may have played a role in Honda’s decision to close its plant in Swindon, the UK

  • Ford Bridgend makes petrol engines

    October 30th 2018

    UK – Introducing the production of a new engine at Bridgend is not enough to safeguard it from Brexit worries

  • JLR opts for EU over UK

    June 13th 2018

    Uncertainties surrounding Brexit are causing more OEMs to move car production from the UK to Europe. Michael Nash investigates

  • Groupe PSA invests in Luton plant

    April 4th 2018

    UK – The company is expanding production capacity at the plant despite uncertainty surrounding Brexit

  • Of Geneva, Brexit and yet more diesel scandal …

    March 21st 2018

    I was somewhat underwhelmed by this year’s Geneva motor show. Perhaps it was some companies’ not being there (no Opel for example), or others moving from their traditional locations, or in many cases, a notable lack of interesting and genuinely new models…

  • Opel’s ambitious future

    November 16th 2017

    PSA’s acquisition of Opel/Vauxhall presents both an opportunity and a challenge to Carlos Tavares. The recently announced PACE! strategy will focus on reducing costs through leveraging purchasing, R&D and manufacturing synergies, and the electrification of the brand’s product line-up…

  • UK political farce will hit production

    June 26th 2017

    In early May, UK prime minister Theresa May called a snap general election believing she could both pummel the opposition Labour Party and gain a stronger hand in the upcoming negotiations with the EU over Brexit. In the end, neither “objective” was achieved and the country has a hung parliament and may well face another election in a few months’ time…

  • Nissan commits to Sunderland plant

    October 27th 2016

    Japan – Ending weeks of speculation, the company has announced that it will produce the next Qashqai at its UK factory and in addition, will add production of the next X-Trail model. This decision follows the UK government’s commitment to ensure that the Sunderland plant remains competitive…

  • What does Brexit mean for the auto industry?

    July 11th 2016

    The immediate answer to this question is: who knows? The UK’s vote to leave the EU is unprecedented, so analysts and commentators trying to work out what might happen next (forecasting seems an inappropriate word at the moment) will have their work cut out, to put it mildly. The political situation in the UK has changed so much since the referendum on June 23 and is still evolving, with the recent appointment (rather than election) of the new prime minister, Teresa May…