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  • Shift of power

    March 4th 2019

    Emobility may be flourishing but the internal combustion engine still has a long way to run. Gareth Price speaks to leading powertrain component suppliers endeavouring to make a smooth transition

  • AWD coupling with vehicle dynamics software

    January 9th 2019

    BorgWarner claims it has tailored its latest electro-hydraulically actuated all-wheel drive AWD coupling technology to deliver a dynamic driving experience…

  • EV transmission

    July 17th 2018

    BorgWarner says its eGearDrive transmission has been designed for the emerging high-volume electric vehicle market and is featured in First Automotive Works (FAW) Group’s Besturn B30EV and Junpai A70E…

  • Lissalde to lead at BorgWarner

    June 8th 2018

    US – BorgWarner has announced that, from August 2018, Frederic Lissalde will become its president and chief executive officer.

  • All-wheel drive coupling

    May 21st 2018

    BorgWarner says it is supplying two versions of its electro-hydraulically actuated, all-wheel drive (AWD) coupling for the new Volkswagen Crafter. One with a differential lock control at the rear axle, the other without this feature…

  • BorgWarner opens turbocharger facility

    March 9th 2018

    Thailand – The plant has been constructed to keep up with growing demand for turbochargers across Southeast Asia

  • Regulated two-stage turbocharger

    October 26th 2017

    The regulated two-stage (R2S) turbocharger features a water-cooled compressor housing and consists of two series-connected turbochargers of different sizes to deliver high boost pressures and smooth power over the entire engine speed range, says BorgWarner…

  • Customised dual-clutch and control modules

    June 23rd 2017

    BorgWarner says it is supplying Great Wall Motors’ (GWM’s) with its customised DualTronic clutch and control modules. These will be used in GWM’s self-developed wet dual-clutch transmission (wet DCT) and feature in models such as the recently launched WEY…

  • Silent chains for hybrid motors

    March 17th 2017

    BorgWarner says it has produces silent chains for Suzuki’s Solio hybrid vehicle. When driving under electric power, two chains transfer power from the electric motor to the transmission to propel the vehicle. During braking or deceleration, the chains transmit power back to the motor to recharge the battery…

  • Ceramic glow plugs and control modules

    October 27th 2016

    Designed to heat up more rapidly, BorgWarner says its ceramic glow plugs (CGPs) provide a heat-up time of less than 2 seconds and achieve a maximum glow temperature of up to 1,250°C. The company notes that while comparable models utilise a heating element inside the glow pin that must heat up completely, its CGP`s glow pin glows only at the tip and surface…