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  • From prototype to production

    August 17th 2018

    The use of additive manufacturing technologies has now moved passed their initial application area of just ‘rapid prototyping’

  • Audi to use 5G for production

    August 6th 2018

    Germany – The carmaker could soon adopt 5G at several of its plants in the hope of boosting productivity

  • Audi starts motor production

    July 26th 2018

    Hungary – The company is now making electric motors at its plant in Győr

  • A slow return to growth

    July 5th 2018

    Vehicle-makers in South America are seeing signs of recovery, boosted by growing exports

  • Audi starts producing new engine

    May 16th 2018

    Hungary – The German carmaker is now making a new 1-litre petrol engine

  • New kids on the block

    May 4th 2018

    Of all the disrupting forces threatening to unseat established automakers, the rise of electric power could be first to strike.

  • Audi plant hailed as CO2-neutral

    March 26th 2018

    Belgium – The plant will soon start making Audi’s e-tron electric SUV, becoming the company’s first EV-only production facility

  • Lessons to learn

    March 8th 2018

    As the automotive industry changes, OEMs and Tier suppliers need to train and retain skilled work forces.

  • The case for carbon fibre

    January 4th 2018

    The launch of the i3 has changed the conversation about the future application of carbon fibre in vehicle structures

  • Counting on the data

    January 2nd 2018

    The implementation of digital tools is transforming the quality control processes in manufacturing operations