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Additive Manufacturing

  • Customising production

    January 11th 2019

    James Bakewell reports on BMW’s growing use of additively produced parts in both vehicle personalising and series production applications

  • Fact, not fiction

    September 13th 2018

    Mike Farish reports on a sci-fi inspired additive technique that’s gaining interest with automotive manufacturers

  • Making metal add up

    September 13th 2018

    Additively manufactured metal parts present a challenge for high-volume production but at the other end of the scale, engineers are successfully developing the process for specialist, low volume parts. Mike Farish reports

  • Daimler to print aluminium components

    September 5th 2018

    Germany – The company has been able to reduce production costs per part through a pilot project

  • How to outrun the competition

    August 28th 2018

    Precision engineering and manufacturing technology specialist Renishaw is poised to support North American customers in tackling a new breed of production challenges Shorter product lifecycles and growing product mix require flexible machining and measurement solutions, which is why Renishaw’s technologies are increasingly being applied to support productive automotive manufacturing. Auto makers destined to win in …

  • Stratasys starts shipping 3D printer

    August 21st 2018

    Israel – The new printer is described as affordable and accurate, which could prove critical to its use in the automotive sector

  • From prototype to production

    August 17th 2018

    The use of additive manufacturing technologies has now moved passed their initial application area of just ‘rapid prototyping’

  • GM combines software and 3D printing

    May 4th 2018

    US – The OEM believes it can further reduce the weight of certain components by leveraging sophisticated software design and 3D printing

  • Additive manufacturing software package

    March 28th 2017

    Granta Design says it has enhanced its Granta MI:Additive Manufacturing software package, with this new version offering graphical analysis tools to plot material properties and process parameters against one another to identify trends. Users can manage and compare data from both experiments and simulation…