Automotive Manufacturing Solutions (AMS) magazine provides information and insights into the processes, technologies and equipment used in vehicle production worldwide.

We carry a blend of exclusive interviews with senior executives and reports from the plants we visit, mixed with surveys of car-producing regions and updates on the different processes or materials used in manufacture and assembly. Added to this are technology updates from expert providers, a round-up of the latest equipment being introduced into the automotive production sphere, and management insights into issues like environmental clean-up, energy use and training.

All this and more appears online on this website. But we at AMS champion the place for a print magazine. In a smartphone world, it is an accessible and useful medium in which to reduce complexity and synthesise strands of information. The world of publishing calls it editing. And when the internet contains key elements of information mixed in a vast sludge of irrelevance, we believe editing is of value in helping executives and managers access the insights which they might use in their jobs.

AMS also publishes a series of supplements, including Automotive Paintshop Solutions. Our Directory is a buyers' guide to equipment and service providers – of course available and searchable on this site – which goes out to readers in print with the first issue of the year.

We welcome feedback from readers old and new, and look forward to continuing to serve our readers in print into the future.

Readership survey

Our most recent survey, in August 2013, delivered these average results:

  • total readership of 61,800
  • 71% of respondents pass their copy on to a colleague
  • 82% of respondents read AMS regularly ('read something in all or most issues')
  • 63% read the 'whole or most' of the magazine
  • 15% of respondents say they 'authorise' expenditure, a further 21% say they 'recommend' and a further 36% say they 'influence' expenditure

For information on reaching these readers by advertising or content marketing in the magazine, or indeed to use any of our activities to help you reach your market, please complete the online form, or simply email us.