Automotive Manufacturing Solutions
256 Thomas Banholzer
Manager NAFTA Vehicle Distribution
Mercedes-Benz USA
256 Linda Brandl
VP and General Manager- Automotive
Union Pacific Railroad
256 Glenn J Clift
President & CEO
GLOVIS America, Inc
256 John Felitto
President and CEO
WWL Vehicle Services Americas
256 Bill Garrett
President and CEO
256 Jim Gerencser
Nationwide Auto Services
256 Ken Hulshof
Polsinelli Shugart
256 John Jansen
President Allied Systems (Canada), EVP Allied Customer Relations and Business Development
Allied Automotive Group
256 James Kasamis
Manager, Import and Logistics
Mercedes-Benz USA
256 Bill Kerrigan
KGI Global Logistics
256 Stuart Kessler
Port Operations Manager
256 Tom Kroswek
Senior Director of Supply Chain Excellence
Ryder System
256 Wade Long
Director of Product Marketing
Volvo Trucks North America
256 Dennis Manns

Vice President of Logistics
American Honda

256 John Marion
Vehicle Logistics Manager
256 Brian Mason
National Manager for Strategic Planning, Logistics Network Optimization, and Business Controls
Toyota Logistics Services
256 Greg May
President and CEO
Car Delivery Network
256 Matthew McCoy
Operations Manager, GMNA and Intercontinental Logistics
General Motors
256 Scott Naz
256 Mike Nelson
National Manager Rail Strategy and Operations
Toyota Logistics Services
256 Justin Newell
Manager – Vehicle Logistics & Port Operations
Porsche Cars North Amerca
256 Mike Riggs
Jack Cooper Holdings
256 Bill Schroeder
General Manager
Auto Haulers Association of America
256 Mike Sturgeon
Executive Director
ECG – the Association of European Vehicle Logistics
256 Tom Swennes
Vice President, Strategic Planning and Administration
ICL Systems
256 Steve Tripp
Head of Worldwide Vehicle Transportation
256 Jim Zamjahn
Program Development Manager
Automotive Industry Action Group – AIAG