Automotive Manufacturing Solutions
Who attends Automotive Logistics Turkey?
Corporate management (CEOs, VPs, MDs)
Logistics and supply chain executives
Quality and materials management
System integrators/IT providers
Senior manufacturing and tier supplier executives
Transportation management providers

Operations directors
Senior production managers
Procurement managers
Distribution executives
Planning executives


Who exhibits at Automotive Logistics conferences?

Automotive Logistics offers several exclusive sponsorship opportunities to tier suppliers and logistics service providers operating in the automotive arena.

If your business operates in any of the following sectors:

Sea transport
Air transport
Integrated LSP
Materials handling
Emergency shipments
Ports and terminals
Road transport
Rail transport
Finished vehicles providers
Service parts
Emerging markets
…and many more!


Past Automotive Logistics sponsors include…
Able UK, Adampol, APL Logistics, Bibby Automotive, Cap Gemini, Cat Group, Ceva, CFSRail, Chep, City of Gdansk, Cognizant, DFDS Tor Line, ECG, EH Harms, Embarcadero, Europa, Evolution Time Critical, Exel, FFIO, Focal Earth, Gefco, G Log, Goodpack, Honda, i2, Inform, Intereuropa, Japti, KLM Link, Linpac, LOHR, Lufthansa, Luka Koper, Major-logistics, Mapsed, Menlo, Midwest Express, Miloo and Alexander, Mitsui, Molsolf, NYK Logistics, Oslo Marine Group, Orbis, Panalpina, Penske, P&O Trans-Pak, Port of Gdansk, Port of Portland, Port of Vancouver, Priority Freight, Prologis, Proact International, PWC, RedPrairie, RTL, Ryder, Sinotrans, Schenker, Schneider Logistics, SGS, STI, Tempark, Tenmark, TNT, UPS, Union Pacific Distribution Services, Sunderland City Council, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics, World Courier, Union Pacific, Vehnet, Viewlocity, Volvo Logistics Corporation