Automotive Manufacturing Solutions

Wednesday 30th May 2012

18:00 – 21:00
Cocktail reception hosted by Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics  
A great chance for you to get together with fellow delegates, in a relaxed atmosphere, before the formal conference days. Bring lots of business cards!

Thursday 31st May 2012

08:00 – 09:00
Registration and welcome coffee hosted by Car Delivery Network

09:00 – 10:15
Session 1
State of the world
Information, trends and analysis on the US and global market.
Michael Robinet, Managing Director, IHS Automotive Consulting
Charles Horan, Director, Office of Carrier, Driver, and Vehicle Safety Standards,  Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation
T. Michael Riggs, Chairman, Jack Cooper Holdings

10:15 – 11:00
Coffee hosted by Car Delivery Network

11:00 – 12:15
Session 2A
From plant to the customer
As the customer is the king for every company, we examine the importance of the dealer experience of vehicle logistics. What are their requirements and what can the vehicle logistics industry do to support them even more? This session will examine the dealer perspective.
Moderator: Bradley Childs, Director of Business Planning, GLOVIS America
Robert Kuntze, Director of Distribution and Logistics, Kia Motors America
John Symes, President, Symes Automotive group
Todd Kostrzewa, General Sales Manager, North County Hyundai

Session 2B
The cost of damage in vehicle logistics
How big an issue is damage in vehicle logistics? And what is the industry doing to reduce damage, and improve quality.
John Marion, Vehicle Logistics Manager, BMW USA
Justin Newell, Manager, Vehicle Logistics,  Porsche
Ben Shain, Senior Manager – Vehicle Logistics, Nissan North America
Marna Short, National Inspections Operations Manager, VASCOR

12:15 – 14:00

14:00 – 15:15
Session 3A
What is green?
Green logistics is a huge issue and will grow further in importance over the next few years. As carmakers are now including green credentials in their RFQs, we discuss how to make your logistics environmentally sound.
Greg Henninger, Global Director of Logistics, Tesla Motors
Tom Knipper, Assistant Manager Logistics, American Honda
Bill Hubbartt, Director of Fleet Sales, Volvo Trucks North America
Kirk Williams, President and Chief Executive Officer, Proficient Auto Transport

Session 3B 
Port capacity
The returning growth in port volumes in the US, while welcome, has been characterised by large fluctuations between ports, so what can port operators do to accommodate such variation and what role can OEMs play to ensure a stable recovery?
Moderator: Richard Frick, Executive Consultant
Stuart Kessler, Manager, Port Operations, Port of Houston, Volkswagen of America
Curtis Nakamura, Export Sales Division Manager, American Honda
Jerry Mahoney, Director of Business Development, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics
Michael Robinet, Managing Director, IHS Automotive Consulting
Steven E. Rand, Chief Executive Officer, AMPORTS

15:15 – 16:00
Coffee hosted by Car Delivery Network

16:00 – 17:15
Session 4
The Mexican wave
As more plants open in Mexico, it is a huge area of importance for North American vehicle logistics. This workshop will examine the challenges of building a logistics network.

Moderator: Scott Mize, Manager, National Transportation, Mazda North America
Joerg Schnackenberg, General Manager of Logistics, Volkswagen of America
Tom Knipper, Assistant Manager of Logistics, American Honda
Kelley Anderson, Vice President Automotive Marketing and Sales, Kansas City Southern Lines
Thomas Naso, Assistant Vice President Automotive Sales, Ferromex Railroad
Dave Sellers, Assistant Vice President Automotive, TTX

17:15 – 21:30
Gala dinner
The gala dinner will take place aboard the ‘Endless Dreams’ yacht, offering elegance, space and luxury for your mid-conference networking and enjoyment.

Friday 1st June 2012

08:30 – 09:00

09:00 – 10:15
Session 5
Dude, where’s my car?
During our research for this conference, visibility was the number one issue of importance amongst the majority of carmakers. And yet every LSP and every IT company say they offer visibility solutions. Where is the disconnection?
Dennis Manns, Vice President of Logistics, American Honda
Anthony Clevio, Operations Manager, GMNA and Intercontinental Logistics, General Motors
Jim Zamjahn, Program Manager – Supply Chain, AIAG
Greg May, President and Chief Executive Officer, Car Delivery Network
Larry Burns, Parts and Service Director, Scott Robinson

10:15 – 11:00
Coffee hosted by Car Delivery Network

11:00 – 12:15
Session 6A
Rail development
This is the key to developing vehicle logistics in the next 3-4 years. A senior panel of rail experts discuss how the capacity shortage is going to be addressed and how can the interchanges be made more efficient? What new developments or ideas are there for rail haulage equipment?
Mike Nelson, National Manager of Rail Strategy, Toyota Logistics Services
Scott Crail, Manager of Logistics Operations, American Honda
Linda Brandl, Vice President and General Manager – Automotive, Union Pacific Railroad

Session 6B
Used vehicles
The efficient order and delivery of used vehicles can be a timely and complicated process. This session will discuss some of these issues and offer insight into case studies and best practice.
Moderator: Chuck Parker, Publisher, Automotive Digest
Dave Carp, Director of Fleet Remarketing, Kia Motor America
Richard Okida, Remarketing Administration Manager, Toyota Financial Services
Kathleen McCann, President, United Road
Chad Ruffin, General Manager Southern California, ADESA

12:15 – 14:00

14:00 – 15:15
Session 7
Solving the capacity challenge
Is it no longer about equipment and drivers, but capacity utilization?
Moderator: Dennis Manns, Vice President of Logistics, American Honda
Jon Schwartz, Manager of Procurement and Network Design, Chrysler
Markus Gichert, Manager of Vehicle Distribution, Mercedes Benz USA
Scott Naz, Owner, Metrogistics
Robert Farrell, Executive Director, Automobile Carriers Conference – American Trucking Association

15:15 – 16:00
Coffee hosted by Car Delivery Network

16:00 – 17:15
Session 8
Making it happen 
During Finished Vehicle Logistics North America 2012, you will have heard some great ideas, innovations, case studies, and the desire for more action and less talk. This high level executive finale will discuss the important take-aways and what must be done to make it happen.
Christine Krathwohl, Executive Director Global Supply Chain and Containers, General Motors
Nancy Davies, Vice President, Toyota Logistics Services
Dennis Manns, Vice President of Logistics, American HondaAlbert Gallegos, Director of International Affairs, NADA