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  • Fibre laser solutions for challenging applications in the automotive industry

    November 23rd 2017

    High brightness fibre lasers are enabling improved performance in many applications in automotive industry – even the more challenging, such as welding of zinc-coated steel. In this webinar, we discuss how to select the most suitable laser technology for specific automotive applications, taking into account the latest developments and application techniques. The presentation looks at production process …

  • Lightweighting with laser welded blanks and the latest generation of steel grades

    November 16th 2017

      In this webinar, we illustrate the benefits of combining laser welded blank technology and solutions with the latest advanced high strength steel grades, including the new generation of press hardenable steels – Usibor® 2000 and Ductibor® 1000.                                     …

  • New mobile inspection solutions for streamlining automotive manufacturing processes

    October 26th 2017

    Smarter and easier inspection solutions can avoid expensive rework after final assembly of parts and components. During the Webinar you will learn how the FARO Visual InspectTM product suite enables large, complex 3D CAD data to be transferred to an iPad and then used for mobile visualization and comparison to real world (as-built) conditions. Visual Inspect supports …

  • Smart Material Flow for Manufacturing

    October 3rd 2017

    Omni-ID is a leading innovator in bringing IoT technology to factory floor material workflows. Their intelligent visual tags (RFID tags with sensors and e-Paper displays) and ProVIEW software system enable the material itself to become smart (location and operation aware), communicating directly with both operators and machines throughout the process. This simple, paperless and totally …

  • High-strength steel for chassis applications – learn about its mechanical properties and behaviour

    September 27th 2017

    Across various chassis and suspension applications, several grades of steel are available.This webinar defines the differences between them, focusing on the mechanical properties that directly affect application behaviour to identify the right material for the right application. The presentation also features information on improvement of edge ductility, such as pre-piercing, and will address questions around …

  • Simulating Non-Ferrous Cut and Roll Tapping in the Lab

    September 18th 2017

    As aluminum alloys expand in breath of application and metallurgical properties, it is important to continuously advance the fluids used to machine them. Reducing the total cost of ownership for metalworking fluids is a primary goal of every fluid manufacturer, and often this can be achieved through leaner, tighter emulsion chemistry. However, such advancements in …

  • Nikon CMM Laser Scanners – PolyWorks compatible

    September 4th 2017

    With 3D laser scanning now well established within automotive inspection applications, the challenge for OEMs and suppliers is to reduce costs and deliver high quality products. Universal metrology software for CMMs, portable arms or handheld devices furthers this desire from product engineering to production. This webinar describes Nikon’s laser scanning capabilities and its compatibility with …

  • AHSS: Cold-formed BIW & chassis applications

    August 30th 2017

    Advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) has an increasingly important role to play in the automotive industry. In this webinar, an expert in the forming of advanced high strength steel from SSAB explored the life cycle advantages of AHSS. The presentation also examined further AHSS benefits, mechanical chracteristics of hot-rolled for chassis applications and cold forming of martensitic …

  • Efficient lightweighting with new Press Hardenable Steels

    June 21st 2017

    ArcelorMittal – A new generation of high-strength, press hardenable steel (PHS) grades are coming to the automotive market. As well bringing significant weight savings in vehicle structures, particularly on crash applications, the new PHS grades enable OEMs to create parts with more complex geometries. In this webinar, we explored how the very high mechanical properties …

  • Laser Radar on robot: Shop floor CMM in automotive

    June 20th 2017

    Nikon – The next generation of car body inspection will require inline and next-to-line CMM to handle complex features on a variety of surfaces, such as reflective bare metal and composites, and integrate seamlessly into the automotive production process. The webinar describes the capabilities of Nikon’s robot-mounted Laser Radar, delivering accuracy and repeatability in both …