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  • Fact, not fiction

    September 13th 2018

    Mike Farish reports on a sci-fi inspired additive technique that’s gaining interest with automotive manufacturers

  • Making metal add up

    September 13th 2018

    Additively manufactured metal parts present a challenge for high-volume production but at the other end of the scale, engineers are successfully developing the process for specialist, low volume parts. Mike Farish reports

  • Waste not…

    September 13th 2018

    Karen McCandless reports on vehicle-maker recycling projects ranging from plastic bottles to electric vehicle batteries

  • From prototypes to production

    September 12th 2018

    The use of additive manufacturing technologies has now expanded beyond their initial ‘rapid prototyping’ exclusivity. Mike Farish provides an insight

  • Laser methods to support e-mobility

    August 31st 2018

    Frank Gäbler and Dr Jürgen Uebbing of Coherent ROFIN discuss the various use for lasers when building electric vehicles

  • E-mobility and the role of steel

    August 28th 2018

    With electrification shaping ideas in future vehicle structure design, ArcelorMittal explains why advanced steel grades remain the materials of choice

  • Advancing automotive with AHSS

    August 28th 2018

    SSAB explains how advanced high-strength steels address fundamental issues in a dynamic North American market, often at significant cost savings

  • Guiding lights for a smarter paintshop

    August 28th 2018

    System experts at Dürr have developed a digital maintenance assistant designed to keep automotive paintshops in full effect

  • Oxsilan expectations

    August 28th 2018

    Engineers from GM’s Orion plant in Michigan describe a successful conversion to a thin-film pretreatment from Chemetall

  • On the plus side

    August 28th 2018

    Dermot Healy speaks to Daryush Arabnia, COO of Geico, about the new Ctrl + PAINT vehicle body quality scanning system, the latest element in the Smart Paintshop Concept