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From the Editor

  • Travel blog: China’s mountainous technology challenge

    June 14th 2018

    The 2018 Global Automotive Forum brought together government officials, senior executives, academic experts and journalists from all over the world in order to discuss China’s automotive industry.

  • Foreign policy friction

    May 21st 2018

    The implications of recent policy actions by the US president, for the auto industry are potentially severe but how things will develop are far from clear…

  • Transformation pressure on the automotive industry

    May 11th 2018

    Audi has resolutely turned to the concept of the smart factory. But how does this profound transition work?

  • Travel blog: A slice of Turkish delight

    May 9th 2018

    Once renowned for its pristine beaches, soaring temperatures and enthusiastic hospitality, Turkey was a hot spot for tourists across the world looking to get away for a week or two. But as conflict in neighbouring Syria erupted in 2011, the number of holidaymakers visiting the country plummeted.

  • Of Geneva, Brexit and yet more diesel scandal …

    March 21st 2018

    I was somewhat underwhelmed by this year’s Geneva motor show. Perhaps it was some companies’ not being there (no Opel for example), or others moving from their traditional locations, or in many cases, a notable lack of interesting and genuinely new models…

  • Weighing up the options

    March 21st 2018

    The automotive industry appears to be on the brink of a paradigm shift towards electrification, ride sharing and autonomy – and the world’s leading producers of composites see this as a massive opportunity…

  • Back to the future

    March 13th 2018

    The automotive related headlines are full of forward looking statements; OEMs describing their brand’s vision of future mobility, new concepts of how they envision we will be moved around appearing at motor shows, some of which share little resemblance to what we have come to see as a passenger vehicle.

  • The final death throes of diesel?

    February 14th 2018

    The diesel emission scandal and governments’ taxation policies have resulted in what seems like an unstoppable move away from the fuel which was seen an environmental saviour not so long ago…

  • Europe: OEMs continue to invest

    February 1st 2018

    We are barely a month into 2018 and Europe’s vehicle manufacturers continue to change their production geographies, investing in some factories and adjusting model allocations between others as they seek to optimise their assets

  • Editor’s note: Going local

    February 1st 2018

    Not too long ago ‘global’ was the buzzword and in the context of automotive manufacturing it encompassed expanding worldwide networks of vehicle makers and tier suppliers, which benefited in part from low-tariff trade agreements