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  • Coming soon in our eMobility supplement…

    March 29th 2019

    In our next special supplement we will look at how the emobility future is being built as EVs rapidly transition from niche to mainstream production…

  • Tariffs: controversy reigns with Trump and Brexit adding to confusion

    March 20th 2019

    Many commentators see tariffs as a blunt instrument in trade negotiations and to see them as a means of protecting local vehicle manufacturing remains questionable

  • Coming soon in our May-June issue…

    March 8th 2019

    In our May-June issue we take an overview of the Ford’s most recent activities, and visit operations at the Saarlouis plant; we look at the latest OEM activities in Mexico, including the new trade agreement with the US; Plus, digital manufacturing , innovations in steel and a dedicated section on the today’s paintshop technologies. There’s also show previews on Laser World of Photonics and AMTS Shanghai…

  • Is Korea set to become a low-cost country?

    February 11th 2019

    Hyundai is to open its first new car factory in Korea for over 20 years; but workers in this plant will be less than half the wages paid to those in the OEM’s other factories…

  • Ford and VW confirm their alliance; and raise questions …

    January 18th 2019

    After months of rumours and speculation, Ford and Volkswagen have announced an alliance …

  • New year, new arrangements

    December 10th 2018

    As 2018 draws to a close, the pace of change in vehicle manufacturing is accelerating….

  • Travel blog: Big game in SA

    November 23rd 2018

    South Africa represents a massive opportunity for vehicle manufacturers, providing they are able to cater to customer needs while also achieving the right balance between quality and price.

  • The break-up of Fiat Chrysler gathers pace

    November 15th 2018

    After separating from Ferrari and Iveco, Fiat Chrysler has now spun off its components activity, Magneti Marelli…

  • Food for thought in Paris

    October 9th 2018

    So many big names were absent from this year’s Paris motor show…

  • Ford’s future

    September 21st 2018

    Ford’s plans for Europe remain to be confirmed…