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  • Nafta aftermath

    April 12th 2019

    A new trade deal era will reconfigure Mexico’s automotive industry relations with the US, Nick Gibbs reports

  • Working from home

    March 5th 2019

    Ian Henry looks at how Japan’s OEMs are faring in their native land as they intensify supply to their own domestic market

  • Augmented assistance

    March 4th 2019

    Tools and technologies are being used to enhance the working environment in car factories across the world. Michael Nash provides an insight

  • Allies at a crossroads

    March 4th 2019

    While boardroom scandal and criminal allegations have tested this longstanding partnership, the ties that bind the Alliance OEMS remain firmly in place. Ian Henry reports

  • Corolla confidence

    February 12th 2019

    Toyota starts production of the new Corolla in the UK – amid all the turmoil of Brexit

  • Asia’s other powerhouse

    January 4th 2019

    Already a dynamic and rapidly growing manufacturing hub, South-East Asia’s automotive industry is finding further opportunity in the growth of battery and hybrid vehicle production

  • A high-performance build

    January 4th 2019

    The Audi R8 series of sports cars is described as being closer to motor racing than any other on-the-road vehicles. Mike Farish takes a closer look at the manufacturing operation

  • New chapter, different story?

    January 2nd 2019

    International expansion continues but, as Ian Henry reports, Audi’s long-term role within the VW Group is now under scrutiny

  • Unease in the East

    November 21st 2018

    Falling sales, electrification and mega mergers: Nick Gibbs provides an overview of the current automotive industry trends in China

  • Lap of luxury

    November 19th 2018

    Its history and heritage may be strong but Aston Martin’s focus is firmly fixed on the future