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  • AMS Infographic: NAFTA numbers

    August 27th 2018

    The most recent production numbers highlight the continuing inter-relationship between the partner nations, the boom in pick-up and SUV (light truck) production and the march of Mexico.

  • Out now: North America 2018

    August 24th 2018

    When it comes to America and automotive manufacturing, some things are impossible to ignore. Foremost among them are: The Big Three, the light truck segment and Trump. In our latest global region supplement, we bring you the full set…

  • Out now: Electric Vehicles 2018

    May 11th 2018

    Our latest special supplement sets out the full picture the production processes making the EV future a reality; with reports and insight from the OEMs in transition to deliver the new era of vehicles and powertrains …

  • Out now: Industry 4.0

    July 8th 2017

    In this AMS special supplement we highlight some of the approaches being deployed and the range of possibilities being explored across the automotive manufacturing industry…

  • In all the right places

    July 8th 2017

    Automation is making a difference at BMW Dingolfing but humans are still at the heart of production

  • Digital vision

    July 8th 2017

    The Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology has been one of the leading lights in developing the Industry 4.0 concept. Nick Holt discussed institute’s perspective on this with Dr. Thomas Bobek, coordinator of the Fraunhofer High Performance Center Networked Adaptive Production, and how he saw its future implementation in automotive manufacturing

  • Small steps – big gains

    July 8th 2017

    Mike Farish looks at how a leading tier supplier has implemented an IoT strategy to its manufacturing operations

  • Behaviour study

    July 8th 2017

    Big data technology has enabled Gestamp to tackle energy consumption at several of its plants and, crucially, closely observe just how equipment behaves in operation

  • Cube route

    July 8th 2017

    Data-led analysis and audit are helping Porsche to maintain and enhance its production quality values According to Porsche more than two-thirds of all the cars it’s ever built are still driving today. The sportscar maker cites quality as “a typical trait” and it’s clear that the analysis centres and final audit areas at both Leipzig …

  • Zero Downtime

    July 8th 2017

    GM has ambitious plans to implement a zero down time approach using cloud based computing to connect all of its production robots worldwide