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  • Sealant dispensing system

    March 13th 2019

    The preeflow eco-DUO600 is a volumetric metering, mixing and dispensing unit which uses a progressive cavity pump principle to deliver precise amounts of the mixed sealant, says Intertronics…

  • Assembly line automation

    March 13th 2019

    Nextsense says its Calipri systems can be used to monitor the process of car assembly from body-in-white to end-of-line final assembly…

  • Low heat input welding

    February 3rd 2019

    The Cold Metal Transfer (CMT) welding process reduces the heat input in comparison to other MIG/MAG processes, claims Fronius…

  • Identifying errors in manufacturing systems

    February 2nd 2019

    Fraunhofer IPA says its Smart System Optimisation tool will identify errors in interlinked manufacturing systems and show their root causes…

  • New foam for instrument panels

    February 1st 2019

    A new series of systems in its Elastoflex E product group now allows weight reductions and foam densities of around 120g/L without sacrificing the material characteristics, claims BASF…

  • Production resource for e-drive modules

    February 1st 2019

    Henkel’s says it offers a range of solutions for the manufacturing of e-drives…

  • Industrial suction spray gun

    January 31st 2019

    The 4100 Xtreme suction spray gun has been developed to paint larger surface areas commonly associate with commercial and general industrial applications, such as machinery, truck chassis and trailers, says Sagola…

  • App style control for servo press

    January 31st 2019

    Schuler says it has designed the control of its new MSP 400 servo press in the style of a smartphone app…

  • Electronic actuators

    January 30th 2019

    An integrated electromechanical actuator for multi-speed electric axles and an integrated parking lock actuator for ICE, hybrid and electric powertrains have been developed by Schaeffler…

  • Pneumatic workpiece ejector

    January 30th 2019

    The new vario flex pneumatic workpiece ejector allows for the ejector depth to be adjusted flexibly by means of a retaining mechanism, and positioned in the machine exactly as required for the workpiece, claims Hainbuch…