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  • Optimising compressed air quality

    May 23rd 2018

    The Drypoint M eco control system allows for the precise control of the degree of compressed air drying across a defined range, says Beko. The company says this system allows operators to optimise the compressed air quality to suit specific applications…

  • Infrared thermometer for steelworks

    May 23rd 2018

    The Endurance series pyrometers are suitable for primary and secondary metal production applications, claims Fluke Process Instruments. The infrared thermometers take non-contact measurements and can be used to control process stability…

  • Tool management service

    May 23rd 2018

    Mapal says it now offers its Tool Management services based on the c-Com platform. It’s claimed this system offers accurate inventory and tracking usage data and reduces downtime due to issues such as missing tools, data trawls, restarts and tool selection…

  • High-speed measuring

    May 21st 2018

    A combination of precision mechanics, optoelectronic sensor systems, image processing and measurement software, allows the Inspector FQ to perform measurements on the shop floor with short cycle times, claims Werth…

  • Silicone free tyre production

    May 21st 2018

    Rhein Chemie says its new Rhenodiv BP-166 and Rhenodiv BP-9500 products are 100% silicone-free and claims they are easier to wash off due to a new, water-soluble release agent…

  • All-wheel drive coupling

    May 21st 2018

    BorgWarner says it is supplying two versions of its electro-hydraulically actuated, all-wheel drive (AWD) coupling for the new Volkswagen Crafter. One with a differential lock control at the rear axle, the other without this feature…

  • Magnetic grippers for materials handling

    May 17th 2018

    Magswitch has introduced its new T30 magnetic gripper, which the company says features larger airports for increased compatibility…

  • Powder coating booth

    May 17th 2018

    The S-Cube CleanAssist powder coating booth can change colours in five to six minutes, and combines this with automated booth cleaning, says Wagner…

  • Automated sheet metal handling

    May 17th 2018

    ByTrans Cross is a new loading and unloading system developed for its fibre laser cutting machines says Bystronic. The company claims this system offers users full automation for producing long runs of components…

  • Gear cutting software

    April 13th 2018

    Sandvik Coromant says it has extended the functionality of its InvoMilling software so that it will now enable customers to produce both straight bevel gears and herringbone gears…