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  • 3D PDF solution for CAD data

    February 9th 2018

    Theorem Solutions claims the latest version of their Publish 3D-3D PDF solution improves the processes of sharing design data helping to improve communication and reduce any ambiguity based around product design data…

  • Welding simulations for sheet metal structures

    February 8th 2018

    Welding 7 is the latest version of Simufact’s software for the simulation of welding processes, which the company claims offers shorter processing times, more accurate results…

  • 3D snapshot

    February 8th 2018

    The Visionary-T is an industrial imaging camera that can capture high-resolution 3D data with a single snapshot, says Sick…

  • Testing electric steering systems

    February 8th 2018

    Sakor Technologies says its dynamometer testing system for electric steering systems can be used by engineering teams for validation and performance evaluation of electric motors and electronic control units…

  • Automated welding systems

    February 6th 2018

    Cloos says its range of automated welding systems offers compact systems as well as complex, chained systems with automated workpiece identification and loading and unloading processes…

  • Storage and retrieval systems

    February 6th 2018

    Kasto says it can now supply its automated storage systems with an integrated energy storage unit that allows for flexible use of the recovered power…

  • Pulsed fibre laser welding system

    February 6th 2018

    An updated version of the LMWS pulsed fibre laser welding system is now available from Amada Miyachi, which the company claims is suitable for welding dissimilar metals, including copper to aluminium, aluminium to stainless…

  • Pneumatic management system

    January 24th 2018

    Festo claims its VTEM motion terminal combines the latest developments in piezo technology and software to offer an Industry 4.0 solution for pneumatic control applications…

  • Fluid technology for reaming applications

    January 24th 2018

    Proper set-up of a padded reamer
 presents particular challenges for the metalworking fluid, says Quaker. The fluid is required to deliver the necessary lubrication in a sufficient film thickness…

  • Digital welding solutions

    January 24th 2018

    Fronius says that documenting, visualising and analysing data from welding processes is becoming increasingly important in production operations…