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The AMS Podcast takes you behind the scenes of the world’s most fascinating vehicle and component production plants. We explore the processes, problems… and solutions, and hear from the automotive manufacturing experts who make it all work.

Featured in upcoming episodes…

  • Toyota’s TNGA platform takes shape
  • Truck building in Turkey at Ford Otosan
  • Shedding light on VW’s Transparent Factory
  • Indiana Insights from Honda
  • A Cadillac comes to Kansas
  • Touching on FEAL with France’s OEMS




Start of production

Episode 1 phot

AMS editorial team recording the first podcast series inside the new Jaguar XE R-Sport. Brilliant sound-deadening qualities!

The very first AMS podcast rolls off the assembly line and the team discuss two giants of automotive manufacturing, Toyota and Ford.

AMS editor Nick Holt talks about his visit to Toyota’s Valenciennes facility in France, a plant undergoing a dual transformation – upgrading lines for the new TNGA platform plus shifting its focus from diesel variants to hybrid electric models.

Turkey was the topic for AMS assistant editor Michael Nash, who fills us in on his trip to the Transit, Custom and Courier van production at the three sites that make up Ford Otosan.

Recorded from the comfort of a Castle Bromwich-built Jaguar XE R Sport, Episode 1 is produced and presented by the AMS editorial team, Nick Holt, Gareth Price and Michael Nash.



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